Pamela Passman discussed the not-for-profit sector. She has a unique perspective, having spent time in both the for-profit sector at Microsoft and in not-for-profits. One not-for-profit organization she led is Kids in Need of Defense. This organization recruits lawyers across the United States who are willing to donate their time and services to defend children without representation who are slated to be deported by the U.S. immigration system.

Passman spoke in detail about the current environment for not-for-profit organizations in the United States. Politically, some of these organizations are struggling because they rely heavily upon public funding. An example of this is Planned Parenthood. Many non-profits have turned to subscription services, or have partnered with a for-profit firm in order to survive. According to Passman, one of the biggest uncertainties concerning the not-for-profit sector will be the charitable habits of future generations.