Logo for Past Present and Future Interviews by Current Lafayette Students with Notable Alumni

Lafayette alumni with distinguished professional careers bring a dose of the real world to first year students. The students interview alumni, asking about takeaways from their time at Lafayette, some of their toughest professional challenges, and tips for success. The conversations reveal what’s on the minds of today’s students and experiences that bridge theory and practice—in other words…what was taught, what was learned, and what is reality. 

Students worked with professionals from WLVR-NPR to produce their podcast from start to finish.


Professor Mark Crain supervised this production, with assistance from Lafayette senior Jessica Whitman ‘22. Post-production by Devan Kortan. David Barasoain is the Consulting Editor.  Our Executive Producer is Christine Dempsey. Special thanks to Olivia Bamford ’24 for creating the Logo Design and Emily Tesbir ’24 for photographing the project. 

Past, Present and Future is produced in partnership with WLVR, Bethlehem.