Balaguer2Luis Balaguer founded Latin World Entertainment in 1994 with his business partner Sofia Vergara. Latin World Entertainment (LWE) is the premier Hispanic talent management and entertainment-marketing firm in the United States. The multi-service company includes publicity, licensing, endorsements, brand integration, production and content development. It stands out from its other competitors being the number one Hispanic talent agency in the United States and 100% Hispanic owned.  Balaguer took the audience through the founding and growth of LWE and touched on each of its successes and failures.

Balaguer talked about the difficulties for Hispanic talent before LWE. There were no managers or agents to mediate between talent and executives, so early negotiations were far from easy. During his visit to Lafayette College, Mr. Balaguer met with Policy Studies majors who are interested in potential careers in the entertainment and media business. Entry into the business today is possible through technologies and platforms that connect with vast global audiences to build a brand and deliver products. The entertainment industry is at a place that encourages entrepreneurship, and young people are at the head of this movement. Balaguer told the audience that “The old industry doesn’t want to let go, but the new one is taking over.”

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