The second edition of Lafayette Lens focused on themes that are changing the face of the modern marketplace.

“First Globals: What’s Different about the Millennial Generation” explored the global awareness of Americans born between 1979 and 1994 and the unique perspective they bring to the workplace. “Additive Manufacturing: The Third Industrial Revolution” looked at the groundbreaking technology of 3-Dimensional Printing, or additive manufacturing, which allows objects to be made on the spot from digital designs. The show featured interviews with alumni S. Kent Rockwell ’66 and, through the PBS affiliate in Boston, Scott Bluni ’89.

View Video: Fall 2013 Edition of Lafayette Lens on PBS39.
View the complete interview with John Zogby about “First Globals.”
View the complete interview with S. Kent Rockwell about “Additive Manufacturing and Disruptive Technology.”

Lafayette Lens is a student-run public affairs program produced in partnership with PBS Channel 39. PBS39 reaches 6 million people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.