The policy studies major offers a multidisciplinary course of study enabling graduates to provide leadership in a dynamic domestic and global environment. It encourages integrated and collaborative skills, creativity, entrepreneurship, and the practice of ethics and fairness that crosses ethnic, cultural, gender, religious, and geographical divides.

Lafayette Lens ,a new show on PBS channel 39 examines Latin American immigration and its relevance for residents of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. A group of 21 Lafayette students and professors traveled to Guatemala in January 2015 to explore the complexities of immigration from both sides of the border. The broadcast examines the motivations for migrating, the impact on families and communities left behind, and the effects on areas where migrants resettle. The program reveals what governments, organizations, and individuals are doing in response to the growing number of migrants, and analyzes immigration policies in the United States and Guatemala. The broadcast was supported by an Assante Think Tank Award, the IDEAL Center. 

This issue of Lafayette Lens also takes an in-depth look at the battle to secure information and protect privacy in an age of nearly constant and ubiquitous connectivity. Entitled the ÒThe Value of PII,Ó the program explains that the quest for data containing personally identifiable informationÑor PIIÑstands behind most of the surge in cyber attacks and security breaches. Reporters for Lafayette Lens speak with experts from business, Pennsylvania state government, and academia to assess the causes and consequences of the daunting cybersecurity challenge. The broadcast was supported by the IDEAL Center, George Rossmann, and the Policy Studies Program.

Here reporters Randall Goldfarb Jane Rosa report their segment.

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April 23, 2015

Students Produce Lafayette Lens on PBS39

Lafayette Lens is a student-run public affairs program produced in partnership with PBS Channel 39. PBS39 reaches six million people in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas.

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As this Report highlights, Policy Studies students and faculty are engaged in understanding the cultural, ethical,
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